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Using Home Staging in Property Marketing

Updated: May 21, 2021

Submitted by The Listing Real Estate Management

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Making the best impression is crucial when selling your property; everyone who has ever sold a home or is about to sell their home knows this. Making the right impression the first time a buyer sees your home can make a difference between a property that sells after a few days on the market and one that sits on the shelf for weeks.

But creating the right impression does not depend on the actual physical condition of your home. A home in average condition may sell in record time, while a well-maintained property may fail to catch buyers' attention. It is all a matter of how each property is presented. Humans are highly visual creatures; what we see forms a major basis for our buying decisions.

But you knew this already. What you might not know is how to make it work in your favor. Yes, you know you should make a good first impression on buyers, but do you actually know how to do it? Most sellers don't. That's because to understand buyers' mindset you have to walk in their shoes and that requires a certai type of skill.

The value of visual psychology when selling property

Images are everywhere. Wherever you go you are surrounded by a flood of colors, sounds and videos. All aspects of our lives are optimized for visual impact. Due to the precisely detailed photography and high-resolution videos of the ads we see daily, people actually come to believe those images are reality.

Any ad that does not meet this expectation is instinctively filtered out by the buyers. If the image is not fascinating enough they assume the product is not worthy of attention. This means that if your marketng is not purposefully adjusted to grab eyeballs, you will struggle to get attention from buyers. Even worse, you will surrender that advanatage to your competition.

That is why when selling your home you need someone who understands the science and art of visual marketing. As The Listing Real Estate Management explains, that person can help you recreate your home to resonate with the desires of the buyers. They will present images of the property in ways that will force potential buyers to pause their browsing long enough to click into and view the videos and picture of the home.

This person is called a professional stager.

Who is a professonal stager and what can they do for you?

Stagers are visual marketing experts who employ the principles of interior design as a strategy for making homes sell faster and for more money. Professional stagers know how to deploy lighting, colors, furniture, decor and professional photography as tools to make your marketing message more powerful, How do they do this and why do you need them?

1. Home stagers sell dreams

Unlike homeowners who primarliy focus on the particulars of their property when trying to sell it, home stagers focus on the aspirations of the potential buyer. They recognize that buyers don't just want to buy a home, but buying that home is a vital step to fulfilling their dreams.

Stagers focus on showing buyers why that home is a fulfillment of their deepest desires. They work to bring the buyer to the place where they see the home as a dream come true.

2. Stagers see what sellers don't

Most homeowners assume that to make their home appealing o buyers, they simply need to deep clean and tidy it before they film or photograph it. What they don't realize is that their decor, furniture and color choices already liit the potential number of buyers the home can appeal to.

3. Stagers prioritize the home's key spaces

Every home has some things that are good, bad, or awkward about its design. Buyers will focus on that sigle negative thing and forget the positive aspects of the home. Staging a home can help you avoid this.

Stagers know how to hide or creatively utilize the less-than-perfect aspects of a home's design. They will design the homer to make it look bigger, brighter and more inviting.

4. Stagers help buyers see the home's potential

Most people have a hard time visualizing what they can do with a home, especially when it is empty or cluttered with someone else's furniture. Stagers understand the dominant design trends which influence buyers' desires. They design the home in a way to stimulate buyer's imaginations to the point where they can see themselves living in the home.

5. Staging creates memorable online campaigns

The online images of the home are usually its first point of contact with buyers. Stagers know how to make these images count. Homeowners take pictures with the intention of providing details. Stagers take pictures with the intention of evoking positive emotions. The difference is the two approached can create significantly different results.

In conclusion, staging a home can make it sell faster and for more money than if it were not staged.

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