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Staging FAQ’s

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions most home owners voice when they are considering a home stager.

1. When is the best time to contact a home staging company?

The best time to contact a staging professional is before you sign a contract with a realtor. When the staging is completed, the realtor will arrange for good photos to be taken of your home. Staged rooms will photograph better and provide a more appealing view online, where most buyers start their search. A stager will ready your home for the best showing online and in person for prospective buyers.

2. Can a staging company help me organize my house before it is staged?

If you have lived in your home for years, you probably have too much furniture and accessories and even junk! A stager can help you make decisions about what should be left in the house during the staging process and what you ve discard. A stager can also help you decide what furniture and décor will fit into your new home.

Yes, prospective buyers will look in all your closets and pantries. Decluttering and organizing them will make them look roomier and more appealing ( and you will have less to pack when your home is sold! )

3. Can a stager help with new paint colors, drapery and repairs?

If you contact a staging professional in advance of listing your home, a stager can consult with you on how to update your home with new paint colors on the walls and even kitchen cabinets. They can arrange to have dated draperies removed and replaced with simple blinds or panels and can suggest repairs that prospective buyers may be concerned about.

The photos below show dining room drapes that are more ornate than the current style.

The second photo demonstrates how lighter and less formal drapery can update the room, as created by

4. What if my home is already on the market?

If you have already listed your home and it has not sold, consider having a staging professional provide a consultation to determine what changes can be made to make the home more attractive to a greater number of prospective buyers. The fee for this consultation is usually around $100. Since most people search online for homes, good photos are critical. Clearing out clutter, rearranging furniture and adding updated pillows and draperies can make photographs of your home more captivating for buyers.

5. Do I have to have my whole house staged?

In the case of a vacant home, stagers usually focus on the main bedroom and bath, living room, kitchen and dining room. Most people can accept empty bedrooms for what they are, but a completely empty house doesn't show well and makes it hard for prospective buyers to visualize themselves in the home . In the case of a large home with additional living space, it can be helpful for the stager to designate an office space or workout room to show the versatility of these extra rooms.

You can see in the picture below the contrast in the before and after look. What a difference for a prospective buyer to see the welcoming entrance of the furnished foyer!

For a furnished home, the home owner may simply want one room updated; usually the living room. Often one staging session can make a difference to the overall look of the home, as the stager “shops your home” for existing accessories and furnishings that can be moved to add a new look to the furnished rooms.

Note the before and after photos below. All the furniture and accessories were already in the home in other rooms. The dated furniture was removed and other furniture was repurposed for a fresh look.

6. Can I use my own furniture during the staging process?

Yes, in most cases all that may be needed is new bedding, lamps or decorative pillows to update the look. If a sofa has tears or stains, a slipcover can give it a new look during the selling process. Furniture can be repositioned away from walls or can be removed to make the rooms look larger. A staging professional can look at your home and redesign the rooms in a way that the homeowner may not see.

The photos show a home with existing furniture that was staged, using a combination of the owner's accessories and Staged2Sell decor. With a minimum of effort the bedroom is now a warm and appealing space for prosective buyers.

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