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Pantry Organization

Whether you are planning to list your home or are just wanting a cleaner look, who doesn't love an organized pantry?


The first step is to purchase some great baskets or color coordinated containers so you will enjoy the look of the finished product. After removing everything from the pantry and wiping down the shelves, now is a great time to check the expiration dates for your food items. Here are some additional steps to complete your pantry organization project:

  1. Decide based on your needs which items should be front and center

  2. Place large snack bags, bottles and unopened containers behind the baskets

  3. Group snack items together so they are accessible for your family

  4. Place commonly used items together, such as ingredients for sauces, toppings or condiments

  5. Give the containers a tag or label for easy identification

  6. Relocate items that don't need to be in a pantry and can attract bugs, such as plastic grocery bags

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